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1. Nobody knows when her birthday is, her brother confirmed she doesn’t have one and if you ask her she will avoid the question.

2. She said she hates the sun and usually stays out of its way all the time.

“[Talking about filming Jurassic World in Hawaii] I have to say, I hate the sun so it wasn’t much fun for me…”  (x)

3. She’s super pale.

4. She hasn’t aged in 10 years.

5. And we haven’t seen pictures of baby Katie. We only have this one and I mean, that could have been taken 100 years ago for all we know.

6. She played a vampire once and was pretty convincing.

7. She has those

hypnotizing out of this world eyes.

8. She always wears sunglasses to cover them, even inside.

9. She’s alluring and inhumanly beautiful.

10. She just looks like one…

11. Also, she loves meat, she wears mostly black clothes that cover every surface of her skin, loves cold weather, is highly intelligent, knows a lot about history (’cause she lived it) and loves it, doesn’t have any social media so she won’t be ‘out there’ and when she’s not filming she disappears for long periods of time and she barely leaves her house. I know there are more things that I’m forgetting. I’m just saying… 

But just think, if she is a vampire she can turn you and you can live forever together

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